The Sims 4: Creating Rose

Mae decided to create me in the sims after she made herself. She didn't get my eyes quite right originally but she apparently was also just referencing a photo of me where I wasn't really looking directly at the camera. Overall, I really do think this looks quite like me. For my aspiration, Mae had chosen City Native but I switched it to the Renaissance Sim as I try to literally do everything from music to knitting to you name it. And for traits she had chosen book worm, music lover, and self-assured, but I switched the last one out for creative instead.  

As for the outfits Mae chose they were all almost spot on. The exception being party but she didn't really know what I would wear out of the catalog so I switched it to a red and black tank with criss-cross laces and a laced up legging. And she had me in shorts for work outs rather than pants. But overall, she was really close to creating the right looks for each of these six categories.

She did upload this sim in a family with herself to the gallery if you wanted this character for any reason using #maepolzine, #roseandmae, and #maepolzinegames.

How would you create yourself as a Sim?