SUIT UP: Lootgaming April 2017 Unboxing

This month's Lootgaming crate was all about power armor and defeating evil with items from Overwatch, Injustice 2, Halo and South Park: The Fractured But Whole! And the box unfolded to create a Loot Box from Overwatch. This month I also decided I would film the unboxing. If you are curious about LootGaming by Loot Crate, it is $25 a month and has between 4-6 items inside estimated around $60 in value.

Halo Icons Spartan Figure

I have not personally played Halo as I did not have a console growing up, but when I was in high school we would all play it during class when our engineer teacher wasn't looking. I died a lot during the game but I really enjoyed playing it during class. So this is a happy little memory piece in my opinion... now I just need to figure out where in the house this is going to go as our main display has ran out of room... Rose, we're pulling a Guillermo and getting a new house to display things!

There’s no one tougher than a Spartan super-solider in Mjolnir armor! We worked with 343 to bring you this exclusive deco variant of the popular first figure set in the Halo Icons series, found only in the Halo Legendary Crate. It works great as a standalone display piece or can be used to customize the ultimate multiplayer matchup when you connect it with the other Halo Icons Figure
— LootGaming

Injustice 2 T-Shirt

As last month, Rose gave me for Overwatch T-Shirt, I thought it was only right that I give her the Injustice 2 T-Shirt as she LOVES DC universe... especially Harley Quinn. I really love the shirt as well but I wanted to be a good roommate and let her get first dibs since she was so sweet to me last month with the Overwatch T-Shirt.

No one takes suiting up more seriously than the heroes of the DC Universe. In the fractured world of Injustice 2, they’re adding some armor to their costumes as they continue their war against one another while a sinister new enemy approaches! We’re celebrating the upcoming release of Injustice 2 with this brave and bold tee featuring Batman, Superman, and Harley Quinn.
— LootGaming

South Park Coon & Friend Flag

My sister is obsessed with South Park, or at least she was when we were growing up. So though I've never watched this show, I do know that Eric Cartman's heroic alter-ego was called the Coon. This flag was included as there is going to be a new game released called South Park: The Fractured But Whole! And is a replica of the one in "Coon 2: Hindsight." I'm going to be using this flag to house all of the pins that I have gotten over the months.

Overwatch Pharah Cute but Deadly Figure

I seriously need to get this game as I love the characters from this game. And I'm going to put Pharah right next to Tracer that I got in a previous LootGaming Crate. I love how Pharah has the Eye of Horus tattoo under her eye, which is a symbol of protection.

All systems checked out, so this exclusive Pharah variant figure is ready for combat maneuvers! Overwatch is celebrating its one year anniversary in May, so we worked with Blizzard again this month to bring you a Titanium armor alternate deco (and specially designed packaging) for one of our favorite heroes. As Pharah always says, she’s here to protect the innocent and rain justice from above with her rocket-powered combat armor so she was the perfect pick for SUIT UP!
— LootGaming

Suit Up Coin Pin

This month's pin is a powered exoskeleton, which is slowly making their way into real-world military and medical fields. Plus it totally goes with the theme for the month of April. As it celebrates the heroes beneath the tech!

What games with powered armor are your favorite?