Space: Loot Gaming December 2016 Unboxing

Blast off into SPACE! We’re celebrating franchises that reach beyond planet Earth into the stars, introducing mysterious planets and strange species along the way. This month’s stellar Loot Gaming crate is full of EXCLUSIVE items from Mass Effect, Destiny, X-COM, and Ratchet & Crank.
— Loot Gaming

Another amazing box from Loot Gaming and includes another one of my favorite games, Mass Effect. And some of other games that I have played briefly in the past.

Items Received

X-COM Chryssalid Figure

This franchise revolves around an elite and secret international task force assigned to protect the world from alien invasions. Chryssalids are fast, four-legged, poisonous aliens that implant themselves in humans they kill, spawning even more Chryssalids from the possessed zombie human bodies. Even though they're gross and evil, they're really cool looking. 

Destiny Scarf

Destiny is a game where players must battle hostile alien races to defeat the Darkness as guardians of the Light. Imbued with powers from The Traveler, a mysterious being that hangs in the sky, the Guardians visit planets all over the Solar System in an attempt to snuff out evil and bring peace back to a shattered Earth. In the game, Guardians have equippable scarves or cloaks depending on their class. So Loot Gaming is offering three different scarves in your box, I received the Warlock Bond.

Mass Effect Shirt

Mass Effect is an action, RPG, third-person shooter from BioWare that is regarded as one of the greatest space operas in video game format. You play the entire series as Commander Shepard who's number is N7. And focuses on their journey to prevent the Reapers, an ancient alien race, from destroying the galaxy.

Ratchet & Clank Omni-Wrench Pen

Follows the adventures of a Lombax and his robot pal, Ratchet & Clank is a platformer set in a sci-fi world, where Ratchet and Clank travel through the universe saving it from the forces of evil. The in-game weapons were many and varied, since Ratchet is an engineer, but one of the first weapons you receive is the OmniWrench 8000. Since we can't send weapons through the mail, they created a pen instead.

Space Coin Pin