FORTRESS: Lootgaming August 2017 Unboxing

Lootgaming Fortress.jpg

This month's Lootgaming box is themed after Fortresses. Every crate has around 4-6 items inside of it and around valued at $60, but for only $26.95 USD / month. This box includes my favorite game Dragon Age Inquisition including a dragon figurine which is something I've been looking for. I love dragons almost as much as I love wolves, so this was the best thing to see when I opened up the crate. Plus fantasy games are some of my favorites so I'm really happy about this box.

Loot Gaming Fortress.jpg
A new ring has been forged. A hero has been reborn. It’s time to kill some monsters. No FORTRESS can withstand your might when you have powerful artifacts from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Middle Earth: Shadow of War, and Dragon Age: Inquisition!
— Lootgaming

Dragon Age: Inquisition High Dragon Figure

This was the first thing I saw when I opened up the box and I was jumping for joy. I seriously love dragons and any game that has them. In Dragon Age, dragons marked the end of the Blessed Age and brought the beginning of the Dragon Age. According to the brochure, Loot Gaming/Loot Crate has been waiting for an excuse to put a dragon into one of the crates. And I'm so glad they decided to put it into this crate. Plus the dragon has amazing quality and detail. Your fortress in Dragon Age: Inquisition, Skyhold, is your hub and as this month's crate transforms into castle walls, you have this amazing High Dragon to perch this figure on top of.

DAI Dragon.jpg
Dragon Age Inquisition High Dragon.jpg
Dragon Age Inquisition Dragon.jpg

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Bottle Stopper

The second item that I saw in the crate was this bottle stopper from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The figure on the top of the bottle stopper resembles the symbol for the School of the Wolf, which isn't the only Witcher Only. There is also Cat, Bear, Griffin, Viper, and Manticore. As I said earlier wolves and dragons are my favorite animals, so I'm glad they chose the wolf.

When you feel like taking a break from kicking bandits out of fortresses, killing monsters and coming up with catchy limericks, why not head to Corvo Bianco and crack open a bottle of your favorite beverage? We’re huge fans of The Witcher 3 (who isn’t?) and we wanted to give you an item that would feel just as natural in the game as in the real world.
— Loot gaming
Witcher Wild Hunt Bottle Stopper.jpg

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sheikah Slate Notebook

This item is inspired by the Sheikah Slate from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The Sheikahs are a race of warriors who guard the Royal Family of Hyrule. And the Sheikah Slate was created to help Link fight Calamity Ganon as well as aid you in your travels around Hyrule, from finding specific items and temples around the world. So it's a really important artifact. So they designed this notebook based on the in-game model that you can record your real life adventures just like the Slate records Link's adventures in Breath of the Wild.

Legend of Zelda Notebook.jpg

Middle Earth: Shadow of War T-Shirt

Video game based off the Lord of Rings. And I love it as it's a nod to one of my favorite series while not being so over the top.

Come not between the Nazgul and his shirt! Taking over fortresses and amassing an unstoppable army is the name of the game in Shadow of War! As Talion, you’ve forged your own Ring of Power, but it’s far from the only one in Middle Earth. The Nazgul were once kings from the race of Men who were bent to Sauron’s will after he gave them their own Rings and we thought their iconic helm would make a great shirt design!
— Loot Gaming
Middle Earth Shadow of War.jpg

Skyrim Coin Pin

As the name suggests, this pin is designed around Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. I'm currently playing this on my gaming channel, I know how the game ends from speed running but have never played it all the way through. So that's why I'm doing this series on the gaming channel. As I just have to laugh as in the info brochure they wrote, "... buy yourself something nice! Like a chicken. So you won't have to steal it. And the guards won't hunt you for the rest of your days." Apparently Skyrim is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

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