Turmoil: Tips & Tricks
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Turmoil is a simulation that was released in June 2016 by Gamious and is available on iOS and Steam. You can play in one of two modes: normal and expert. Each mode you have a choice of four different characters, with the ones in expert having a special skill that can come in use during gameplay. Each of you are trying to become the grand oil tycoon as well as mayor of the town by getting the most amount of stocks. So here are a few tips and tricks to become the next grand oil tycoon through oil extraction to sales expert.

  1. Pipes only need to go though the top of the oil patch, not all the way to the bottom.
  2. Always go to Daphne's saloon. You can make brides that can fix the price of oil to having fines looked the other way.
  3. Oil is pumped as fast as the narrowest pipe in the chain can handle, so make sure to upgrade all pipes in the chain.
  4. If you don't see oil in uncovered ground below a waving dowser, wait a while for the ground level to rise higher. It may take a while.
  5. You can earn a $1000 bonus for pumping out all of the oil, selling all the oil, depleting all gas pockets, and withdrawing your land lease early.
  6. If a dowser with all the depth upgrades walks off the screen, it means there is no more oil pockets in the ground. If they are not fully upgraded, it may just means there is no more oil within their range.
  7. Drilling around rocks can be cheaper than spending money to drill through the rock. But longer pipelines are more expensive to upgrade.
  8. Connecting pipes from an upgraded rig to pipes from a non-upgraded rig will copy all the upgrades to the new network. This can be cheaper that paying for the upgrades separately.
  9. Right-click can cancel a scan in progress or any undeployed object.
  10. Using gas to boost the oil price is most effective when you connect multiple gas pockets at the same time to Left or Right Inc. Using just one gas pocket at a time gives you only a short boost to the price. When buying the Left or Right Inc. gas upgrade it is useful to get the valve upgrade as well.
  11. Try to build efficiently, leaving no empty space between silos, rigs and the factories. The less space you waste, the more will be left for oil storage in silos.
  12. Gas pockets will not grow if you encircle more than one gas pocket with a single loop.
  13. The ultimate way to profit from gas boosting is to store up as much oil as possible, empty multiple gas pockets at the same time, and make use of the existing pipe network as much as possible.
  14. At the end of the campaign, the player with the smallest share in town has to leave. Their stock are them auctioned off among the remaining players. This is repeated until someone has a 50% share or more.
  15. When using the Thermal upgrade the size of your loop is important. Give the gas pocket enough room for growth but if the loop is too large the gas pocket will grow more slowly.
  16. Save some money when you are close to the end of the 4th map. There will be an auction of shares and you will need to have more money than your competitors.

Know any other helpful tips for Turmoil, please feel free to post them in the comments.

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Anime Shows That I Love Watching
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On Saturday, I shared my favorite DC & Marvel Movies and as I've been watching a lot of anime recently I thought I would share some of my favorite shows as well as an honorable mention. These are in not by preference but rather just how I need up making the collage of all the animes. And before everyone goes there, yes I know Avatar is technically not true anime as it's not from Japan but I'm including it in this post as I feel like it fits in with all of these.

Tokyo Ghoul

I learned about this anime a little over a year ago from Glam & Gore when she did a cosplay/tutorial with JKissa and Michelle Phan, and instantly became addicted to the story. There are only 2 seasons but I really hope one day they do more. But there is also a manga series and I'm planning on getting the full thing one day along with most of these as I know the story isn't over at the point season 2 ended on. The story is about an individual named Ken Kaneki, who is turned into a half-ghoul and has to learn how to live in this new world. All the while avoiding the CCG investigators who want to kill all ghouls.

Death Note

As you know I recently watched the Netflix adaptation of Death Note and hated it. But I've loved Death Note for a long time. Even though I know it sounds horrible, I don't think Kira or Light was that wrong with wanting to get rid of all of the evil-doers in the world. How he went about everything and making himself a god, was his own down fall as he wanted to take credit for everything. Plus in the end, he couldn't freaking wait to make sure his plan worked before revealing himself right as it failed. His ego was his own downfall but I honestly think of any of ending that would have worked. I don't like it, but I can't think of any better ending for Light. But personally, I would have kept it way more a secret so people wouldn't investigate me so soon. But that's whatever, it's a great show and manga. The only difference between the two is the show is set three years later compared to the manga, but otherwise everything is the same.

One Piece

I first saw this anime on Cartoon Network during Adult Swim, and got very addicted to the tales of Monkey D. Luffy who has the properties of rubber after he unintentionally ate a Devil Fruit and his crew Straw Hat Pirates on their journey in search of the world's ultimate treasure known as "One Piece". And whoever gets the treasure will become the next Pirate King. I have not seen every episode or read every manga, but I'm planning on finishing it before the year ends. As well as start collecting all of the books in the manga series.

Soul Eater

In college, I really got into watching anime and one of the shows that came out on top was Soul Eater. This is a series revolving around three teams at the Death Weapon Meister Academy, each team consisting of a weapon meister and at least one weapon that can transform into a humanoid. Each team is trying to collect the souls of 99 evil humans and one witch in order to make the weapon a "death scythe." And if they don't do it in that order, they must start all over again. Like most of these I have seen every episode but have not read the manga series, and I really want to so I'm going to start collecting and reading each one.

Sgt. Frog

In college, this is the other anime series I really got into. One of my friends, Eri, got me into this series and almost weekly we would binge watch this show on Netflix.  It's one of those no brainer games that I love to just have up in the background when I'm working on things. It's about a platoon of frog-like alien invaders that want to conquer Earth. Their leader is Sergeant Keroro but the platoon is at the mercy of a human family of three after he is captured while trying to hide in one of their bedrooms. Keroro does meaningless chores and errands for the family after his army abandons his platoon on Earth. And they still try to take over the Earth, but it always fails.

Avatar: The Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra

I used to watch this show when it was on Nickelodeon, and I loved it. It came out when I was about 12 so the characters in the show were about my age. Or at least Aang was so I felt like I kind of grew up with this show and it's characters. I have seen every season multiple times including the fail of a live adaptation and the sequel series The Legend of Korra. I know this isn't technically an anime as this was an American animated television series but it has strong Asian influence and uses Chinese martial arts. There is so much to love about this series and if you somehow haven't watched any of the seasons, I seriously recommend you check it out. But definitely avoid watching M. Night Shyamalan's movie on it. It's just bad all around.

And the honorable mention that I feel like I finish this post without is Naruto, it got me into watching anime. But being completely honest, I have never seen a full episode only parts with Akatsuki. As I loved that group and watched way too many fan dubs involving them. I really should watch the full thing one day.

What is your favorite anime show?

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Link: The Faces of Evil & Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon Review
Legend of Zelda CDI.jpg

Normally I don't do game reviews of multiple games in one post. But Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon are basically the exact same story told from two different sides. These are the Legend of Zelda CD-i games. I'm going to do the other CD-i Zelda's Adventure in the future. But I wanted to start with these since I experienced these first.

The reason these two games are so similar is because they were developed together. The two games: Wand of Gamelon and Faces of Evil, were the first Nintendo-licensed games released on the Philips CD-i. The two games were given the relatively low budgets of approximately $600,000 each. But the development team Animation Magic, led by Dale DeSharon, decidedto develop the two games in tandem and have them share the same graphics engine to more efficiently use the budget. The animated cutscenes were created by a team of six animators from Russia who were flown to the United States for the project. And it kind of shows in comparison to other Zelda games.


The cut scenes in these two games is horrible. They are poorly animated and voice acting is misdirected, jarring, and laughable. It's almost comical to watch as it's just so not like other Zelda games. And controlling the game is a nightmare but considering the controller for the CD-i it's not the worst of all the CD-i games out there. Plus you need to farm for rubies to use a good amount of the weapons/items in the games. Also the fact that these games are considered some of the worst games in the industry. The community also rejects it from the canon and Nintendo rarely acknowledges their existence and don't include them in the timeline.

The only thing that I loved from these games is that the drawn in-game backgrounds are very pleasant to look at. Below are the maps of each game that you have to navigate through to progress in the game. The music is pretty iconic. But that's probably because all I can think about is the song the Game Grumps came up with for Zelda: Wand of Gamelon. I can't think of these games without that song popping up in my head. If you don't have a console to experience these games yourself, I would seriously recommend watching them play it just so you can experience it. Here are the links for: Game Grump's Zelda: Wand of Gamelon Playlist and Game Grump's Link: The Faces of Evil Playlist.

Zelda:Wand of Gamelon

Zelda: Wand of Gamelon

Zelda: Wand of Gamelon

Link: The Faces of Evil

Link: Faces of Evil

Link: Faces of Evil

Though the plot is different in each game, they are basically the same. You fight the same enemies and go from region to region to gather items needed to get further in various areas of the game in order to reach Ganon who is defeated by each of the main characters using a specific item from the game. Zelda has to use the Wand of Gamelon in order to defeat him. Whereas, Link has to use the Book of Koridai. As far as plot in both games, they start out with news that Ganon has escaped from his prison and attacking an ally of King Harkinian. The King leaves and orders Princess Zelda to send Link if he doesn't return in a month. In both instances, Link is bored now that the kingdom is safe. But then the games split off. In Wand of Gamelon, Link goes missing so Zelda goes to Gamelon to find Link and her father. While in The Faces of Evil, Link goes to Koridai to stop Ganon with a wizard named Gwonam. And Zelda is kidnapped some time later by Zelda. At the end of both games, the King, Princess Zelda, and Link are back together again. In Wand of Gamelon, Link is freed from a mirror and is confused what's going on to which everyone laughs at him. While in The Faces of Evil, Link declares himself to be the victor but Zelda refuses to kiss him as a reward.


What Legend of Zelda game do you think is the worst?

Minecraft: My Favorite Skins
Minecraft Skins.jpg

I get bored with my Minecraft skin every now and then, but all of my favorite skins are relatively the same and I love to switch between these five depending on the mood. Typically all of my skins are various girl skins that I find on MinecraftSkins.com but there is one that I found forever ago (Gamer Girl) that is actually from MinecraftSkins.net. I always debate on switching it up for something different but always come back to one of these five skins with Gamer Girl probably being my most worn or main skin that I fall back to.

Also putting them all in a line up, I just realized they all have the same hairstyle more or less. Three of the them are wearing hats but they all have long hair with side swept bangs. Basically how I want my own hair granted it never grows that long.

When I Choose to Wear Each Skin

  • The first one, called idk, I end up using whenever I'm feeling particularly moody or really just want a moon the back of my shirt since I end up seeing that the majority of the time while I'm playing since I love to leave it in 3rd person POV. I love that the flannel is ripped up or falling off one of the shoulders as well. It's a nice touch.
  • The second skin is probably my main skin at the moment as I generally end up using it.
  • The third skin I have my character wear any day I'm in creative mode or feeling quite laid back. As the outfit this skin is wearing is pretty much what I would wear when I'm just hanging out around the house. A hat or beanie paired with a shirt, a flannel and a pair of jeans. Plus it's just hipster aesthetics.
  • The fourth skin that I love using in Minecraft is this camo number. Generally worn underneath armor if I'm spending the day in my mob arena. This skin just puts me in the mood to knock out from mobs or tackle the nether.
  • And the last outfit is my whenever skin, I don't put this one on if I'm in a certain mood while I'm playing Minecraft like the other skins.

What type of skin do you generally use when playing Minecraft? The generic skin from the game or a custom one from the internet? If custom, is it a normal person or something different? I would love to know what type of skin you lean towards.

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Favorite DC & Marvel Movies

Today I thought it would be fun to share all of my favorite DC and Marvel movies. Now these are not in any particular order for either universe, more just the order I ended up making the collage for this post. And I love these movies for different reasons. Some are because I find them hilarious while others make me want to strap on a sword or bow then go fight hundreds of enemies.

Suicide Squad

Ah one of the most hated movies in the DCE Universe, but honestly I loved it. Granted I have a few things I would have changed about the movies that would have made it better. For starters, I would have done origin movies for each of the main characters: Harley Quinn, Deadshot, etc. Rather than a few minute intro card for each one as there is a lot missing and overlooked. Like the fact that Harley Quinn killed Robin and would have made the Joker scenes so much better. A Deadshot origin story also would have been really good to have as it would make more sense as you why he missed Harley Quinn when she was escaping. Unless you knew the comics you couldn't tell that it was basically three stories squished together. So I would have loved it to be separated. But still I really enjoyed it despite that. I also actually liked Jared Leto's joker. Again it probably would've been seen differently if they didn't cut out a large amount of his scenes when they changed it to be more like Deadpool. I am hoping to see more in the future but I hope they pull it back towards the original direction they were going to go.

Wonder Woman

Rose already did her review of this movie but I haven't talked about it myself on here. I love the recreation of one of my favorite comic book characters brought to life. The movie takes place during World War I (The Great War) which not a lot of movies these days take place during this time period as if it's going to be a war movie of the past they go to WWII. Examples being The Imitation Game, Captain America: The First Avenger, War Horse, The Book Thief, and Hacksaw Ridge all took place in WWII. But The Great War, was a perfect time period to set this movie in as it's the perfect setting for Wonder Woman. As her whole focus is stopping war and Aries, so why go to WWII when WWI was referred to as "The War to End All Wars." Granted the comic books take place during World War II, but I am actually really pleased it went to the war before that. Plus it's a good reflection on our current world state. Nationalism is very similar as it was during that time period and it would take very little to spark global conflict. Sure WWI wasn't the final World War, and is outside of living memory at this time period but it is a has all the right elements to tell this tale


Okay this probably has to be my all time favorite super hero/anti-hero in either universe. And I don't know if it's the sarcasm of Deadpool or how often they break the fourth wall, but Deadpool has always been my favorite. From the comics to it's own movie. Plus no one could possibly play Deadpool any better than Ryan Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool. And I will fight with anyone that disagrees with me on that.

Guardians of the Galaxy

I loved Guardians of the Galaxy more for the humor than the actual tale. I know why they had to start there to introduce this characters and had to go down their line in order to get to the Infinity Wars, but the story is rather straight forward without a lot of depth. Don't get me wrong I still loved it but it just isn't one that's overly memorable in the universe. But the characters and humor is memorable. And makes the entire movie worth it. Plus I love Groot especially baby Groot. I want a little figurine of him on my desk.

Avengers Assemble

Let's be honest, this is probably the movie that really got me into the Marvel universe and wanting to see more super hero movies. I wasn't overly into the Iron Man movies or any of the other ones until this one came out. And I would attribute my entire love of the genre to this movie. So how could I not include it on this post. Yes I saw all the ones beforehand, but it was more just a curiousity and wanting to go to the movies over being overly in love with the universe. And paying attention to all the details. I was more in the comic books and wasn't impressed before it all came together in this movie. So thank you Avengers for my obsession with super hero movies.

What movies are your favorite from the DC and Marvel Universes?

Undertale: Secrets You May Have Missed

Undertale has to be one of my favorite games from the last year. The lore of the game is so interesting, the music is incredible and I listen to the soundtrack when I'm at work, and Toby Fox thought of literally every playing style and adjusted the game for that. When you first play the game there's a bunch that you may miss, these are just the things that I missed the first few times I played the game and that I see others often missing when they play.

  • You are not naming your character but the human that came before you. The correct name is Chara and it will tell you that you were correct. You cannot name that human a name that belongs to another main character in the game.
  • Flowey is stalking you throughout the game if you go retrace your footsteps.
  • If Toriel somehow manages to kill you, her eyes will widen and she'll cover her mouth as she didn't want to kill you. As you can tell when your health gets low, all her attacks miss you.
  • If you wait in the room Toriel instructs you to stay at, she'll call you at regular intervals.
  • If you call Toriel on the phone and call her mom then flirt with her twice you get some unique dialog. And she'll mention it at the end of the True Pacifist ending.
  • If you go back to your room when Toriel instructs you to, Asgore will play to tell you to wake up and you must stay determined.
  • You can make the froggets have characters get rid of the yellow indication that they can be spared for the reminder of the game. But if you ask for it back, they will change the color to pink. Later in the junkyard, you'll find a pile of yellow names.
  • Papyrus once you have his number has something to say about every area if you call him.
  • Papyrus will confuse himself on the instructions of the colored tile puzzle if you ask for clarification. If you ask for clarification twice, he'll let you just pass without doing the puzzle.
  • In the True Pacifist ending, if you go all the way back to the beginning of the game you will see Asriel caring for some flowers.
  • You can skip the Muffet battle if you save a Spider Donut from the ruins.
  • The game doesn't start in 201X, that's the year Chara fell into the underground.
  • Mettaton is Napstablook's cousin and the head of the human fan-club.
  • Monsters only age when another generation of their family is still living. You learn this from the hammer of justice at the end of the pacifist run.
  • Toriel will send you multiple texts at the end of the pacifist run. One for every area until she decides that she's sent enough.
  • It's possible to get through the game without encountering Jerry.
  • The game as various random events that can occur including "The Forgotten Ones" characters that appear if you retrace your path but depending on the FUN value you get when you start the game, they may not appear at all. The Forgotten Ones are all Gaster followers.
  • Temmie (shopkeeper) is the only NPC that doesn't have different dialogue after the final battle.
  • You cannot get the true pacifist ending if you did a renegade run previously. Chara will always pop up and say it's all a lie.

Do you know of anymore that I may have missed?

Minecraft: Welcome to my Underground Fortress

I thought it would be a lot of fun to show you all my underground fortress in Minecraft. This is the game/world I normally play in if I'm playing Minecraft. So I have spent a lot of time working on this fortress which I built inside of a mountain. Originally it was my first hole that I dug to hide in for the night. And has expanded to what it is today. It has one massive bedroom near the beginning of the fortress, then I have a variety of other rooms from a treasure room/vault, armory, kitchen/dining room, crafting room, enchanting room, animal farm, crop farm, mob farm, portal rooms and more. I also have a bunch of villagers and golems that dwell in the fortress.

For the most part I created this fortress without creative mode but there are some aspects that I did switch the game mode for. As it just made it easier to create those specific parts of the fortress. But for the mass majority, I did it all in survival mode. I love to use the terracotta blocks around the fortress to give it a bit of color. The upper areas in the fortress have a bright/light theme of cyan, blue, and yellow but as you go down into the fortress it gets darker in shades. Purple for the animal and crop farms, and red/black when you get to the mob farm/arena and the portals.

Upper Regions of the Fortress

Mid Region of the Fortress

The villagers leave in the mid-section of the fortress where the crop/animal farms exist as I didn't want them in the main section of the fortress. As I get slightly annoyed by them opening doors all the time and on a few occasions letting mobs into the place. So they are banished to the mid region where I have the golems. They also serve as a line of defense if a mob somehow gets through the portals or out of the mob farm. Also technically below the animal farm is a natural underground mine. Which I'll probably extend the lower region into at some point but for right now it's sealed off. Another key piece to this leave is above the two farm areas I have sea lanterns inside of torches so it would seem like the sky for the animals/crops. Granted it doesn't actually matter. But I wanted it to seem like that. Plus that's less torches to put up to keep the whole area lit so mobs don't spawn.

Lower Region of the Fortress

The mob farm is one of those rooms where I would love to figure out a better killing method for as every mob farm generator I've ever tired to build based on the ones that others have done, never work. Mobs just never spawn. So my version is more of just a killing rink that I can turn the lights off then let them spawn naturally or switch the lights on then hit the button for the dropper to release one. This is where creative mode really came into play. There are many droppers each filed with eggs of different mobs. And the room is made of bedrock as there is literally no way to destroy it. So I can have any mob spawn in there without worrying about needing to rebuild the place. This room is in the section of the fortress that the villagers can't get to and is located near my two portals: Nether and End.

I'm debating on playing Minecraft again on YouTube but I'm not sure if I should start a new world for that or continue to use my world that I've had for ages. There are still a few things that I want to add to the fortress including:

  • Connecting my fortress in the lower region to the cave system.
  • Add an armory in the lower region along with furnace/diamond stash.
  • Create a beacon at the top of the mountain.
  • Create a horse/donkey stable outside of the fortress.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

FORTRESS: Lootgaming August 2017 Unboxing
Lootgaming Fortress.jpg

This month's Lootgaming box is themed after Fortresses. Every crate has around 4-6 items inside of it and around valued at $60, but for only $26.95 USD / month. This box includes my favorite game Dragon Age Inquisition including a dragon figurine which is something I've been looking for. I love dragons almost as much as I love wolves, so this was the best thing to see when I opened up the crate. Plus fantasy games are some of my favorites so I'm really happy about this box.

Loot Gaming Fortress.jpg
A new ring has been forged. A hero has been reborn. It’s time to kill some monsters. No FORTRESS can withstand your might when you have powerful artifacts from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Middle Earth: Shadow of War, and Dragon Age: Inquisition!
— Lootgaming

Dragon Age: Inquisition High Dragon Figure

This was the first thing I saw when I opened up the box and I was jumping for joy. I seriously love dragons and any game that has them. In Dragon Age, dragons marked the end of the Blessed Age and brought the beginning of the Dragon Age. According to the brochure, Loot Gaming/Loot Crate has been waiting for an excuse to put a dragon into one of the crates. And I'm so glad they decided to put it into this crate. Plus the dragon has amazing quality and detail. Your fortress in Dragon Age: Inquisition, Skyhold, is your hub and as this month's crate transforms into castle walls, you have this amazing High Dragon to perch this figure on top of.

DAI Dragon.jpg
Dragon Age Inquisition High Dragon.jpg
Dragon Age Inquisition Dragon.jpg

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Bottle Stopper

The second item that I saw in the crate was this bottle stopper from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The figure on the top of the bottle stopper resembles the symbol for the School of the Wolf, which isn't the only Witcher Only. There is also Cat, Bear, Griffin, Viper, and Manticore. As I said earlier wolves and dragons are my favorite animals, so I'm glad they chose the wolf.

When you feel like taking a break from kicking bandits out of fortresses, killing monsters and coming up with catchy limericks, why not head to Corvo Bianco and crack open a bottle of your favorite beverage? We’re huge fans of The Witcher 3 (who isn’t?) and we wanted to give you an item that would feel just as natural in the game as in the real world.
— Loot gaming
Witcher Wild Hunt Bottle Stopper.jpg

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sheikah Slate Notebook

This item is inspired by the Sheikah Slate from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The Sheikahs are a race of warriors who guard the Royal Family of Hyrule. And the Sheikah Slate was created to help Link fight Calamity Ganon as well as aid you in your travels around Hyrule, from finding specific items and temples around the world. So it's a really important artifact. So they designed this notebook based on the in-game model that you can record your real life adventures just like the Slate records Link's adventures in Breath of the Wild.

Legend of Zelda Notebook.jpg

Middle Earth: Shadow of War T-Shirt

Video game based off the Lord of Rings. And I love it as it's a nod to one of my favorite series while not being so over the top.

Come not between the Nazgul and his shirt! Taking over fortresses and amassing an unstoppable army is the name of the game in Shadow of War! As Talion, you’ve forged your own Ring of Power, but it’s far from the only one in Middle Earth. The Nazgul were once kings from the race of Men who were bent to Sauron’s will after he gave them their own Rings and we thought their iconic helm would make a great shirt design!
— Loot Gaming
Middle Earth Shadow of War.jpg

Skyrim Coin Pin

As the name suggests, this pin is designed around Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. I'm currently playing this on my gaming channel, I know how the game ends from speed running but have never played it all the way through. So that's why I'm doing this series on the gaming channel. As I just have to laugh as in the info brochure they wrote, "... buy yourself something nice! Like a chicken. So you won't have to steal it. And the guards won't hunt you for the rest of your days." Apparently Skyrim is coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

Fortress Pin.jpg
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Death Note (2017) Review

Netflix recently released it's adaptation of the anime/manga series Death Note. I grew up watching and reading this story so I was very curious to see how they were going to remake this tale. Of course I figured based off the trailer that it would be a super condensed version of the battle of wills between the keeper of the Death Note, Light/Kira, and L. And I've seen other live adaptations of the anime that fell flat before. So I didn't have high expectations doing into watching this movie.

I don't even know where to begin with reviewing this movie. It was so bad it was comical. From the actors they chose to play the main characters to the lore of the Death Note being ignored for main plot points, it was a total let down. Director Adam Wingard set the movie in America rather than in Japan thus allowing them to cast Nat Wolff as Light and Lakeith Stanfield as L. However, neither actor fits the role or acted poorly in their portrayal. Lakeith's L is so over-the-top it borderlines on parody. While Nat's Light has goofy facial expressions that don't match up with Light's dramatic moments. However, their casting of Willem Dafoe as Ryuk, the demon who sent the Death Note to Light, was spot on. His performance is basically the only redeeming quality about the film. Plus Wingard's direction of keeping Ryuk in the shadows added to the creepy visage of the demon. If they would have recasted the roles of Light and L really should have gone to Japanese actors.

Plus L would never appear on television but in the 2017 version they have him appear right away. Also Light is unsure of his next moves and doesn't have the next five moves already planned out in advanced, which really bothered me because that's a key feature of Light's personality. I get they needed to have the plot advance in one movie, but it goes against their characteristics and really makes the movie an epic fail.

The tone of the movie is also uneven at times. It doesn't do a good job at bridging the real and the unreal together in a way that seems believable. And the movie took creative liabilities in the remake of the story and attempted to leave an open ending for the possibility of a sequel. But let's be honest, the way the movie broke the lore of Death Note it's not a stretch to say that sequel would end in a minute. Plus the battle of wills between Light and L is brief, there's no lead up or cat and mouse game between the two. It's a one move from L then Light's girlfriend Misa taking the Light's Death Note to do the next. And then Light making a move afterwards. And yes, don't get me started on how that should not be possible.

Credit: IGN

Credit: IGN

Actually while we're on that topic, let me rant about that. In the manga/anime, Misa has her own Death Note with her own death god. Similar to how Light has his and Ryuk. Not that it matters as there is a rule about other people borrowing the Death Note. I.E. That they can use it but won't see a God of Death until they are the owner of the note. Which happens after 7 days. So what are the rules of the Death Note since they are briefly mentioned in the first ten minutes of the movie but only three of them are really made clear to the audience, and one rule that is ignored all together for this movie that royally pisses me off:

  • The human whose name is written in the note shall die.
  • The note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing the name.
  • If a cause is written down and physically possible, it will happen. If no cause of death is written, the person will die of a heart attack.
  • The note shall become the property of the human world once it touches the ground in the human world.
  • The owner of the note can recognize the image and voice of the original owner. I.E. The god of Death, Ryuk.
  • The human who touches the Death Note can recognize Ryuk even if they are not the owner of the note.
  • The person in possession of the Death Note is possessed by the God of Death until they die. But the Gods of death cannot do anything which will help or prevent the deaths in the note.
  • One page taken from the Death Note or even a fragment of the page, contains the full effects of the note.
  • If you lose the Death Note or have it stolen, you will lose its ownership unless you retrieve it within 490 days.
  • You may lend the Death Note to another person while maintaining its ownership. Subletting it to yet another person is possible, too.
  • The borrower of the Death Note will not be followed by a god of death. The god of Death always remains with the owner of the Death Note.
  • When the same name is written on more than two Death Notes, the note which was first filled in will take effect, regardless of the time of death.
  • The individuals who lose the ownership of the Death Note will also lose their memory of the usage of the Death Note. This does not mean that he will lose all the memory from the day he owned it to the day he loses possession, but means he will only lose the memory involving the Death Note.
  • In occasions where the cause and situation of death is written before the victim's name, multiple names can be written as long as they are written within 40 seconds and the causes and situations of death are not impossible to occur.
  • Once the victim's name, cause of death and situation of death have been written down in the Death Note, this death will still take place even if that Death Note or the part of the note in which it has been written is destroyed, for example, burned into ashes, before the stated time of death.

Technically the movie can get away with Misa using Light's Death Note as she is a borrower of the Note. However, the main issue I have is with the last rule I mentioned. Even if a page with the individual's name written down is destroyed the death is still to occur. Misa writes Light's name down in the movie. Light then writes a way in which Misa dies, the page with his name is destroyed, and he goes into a medical coma but doesn't die. As well as control two other individuals to commit acts in the name of Kira before killing themselves, and returning the Death Note to Light. Based on the rules of the Death Note, this is not possible! Light should be dead by the rules of Death Note. But apparently that was the one rule they decided not to listen to. Instead they decided to change the rule so that if a page is burnt with the victim's name within 48 hours the death is canceled but this is only allowed once... again this isn't an actual rule from the manga/anime. It's one the movie made up so they can allow Light to live in the end. But it leaves off with L debating on writing a name down, and everyone knows it would be Light. Thus making Light dead. And since his name technically was on a note before that note would come into effect again and his heart would stop at midnight as Misa wrote. I only mention all the others because they are the only ones that really come up in the movie though not all of them are specifically stated. Others pertain to Eyes of the God of Death to see how long a person has left and rules pertaining to the gods themselves. Though only Ryuk makes an appearance in this adaptation. And one more that they just stated wrong is that if you lose the ownership of the Death Note, you have 490 days to retrieve it not 7 days. It doesn't ever come up in the movie but is something to note on another rule they changed/got wrong. Also Misa should've been able to recognize Ryuk while holding the Death Note even though she wasn't the owner. However, she never recognizes Ryuk by voice or image.

If the actor for Ryuk makes a reappearance in a sequel I would watch it, but I don't know if I could honestly handle it with Nat and Lakeith versions of Light and L. They just don't fit the characters and really wreck the movie. Then again after the first thirty minutes I started just to enjoy the movie purely for laughing at how of a remake it was. Overall, I just don't recommend this movie. It's so off that it's comically in how poorly it portrays Death Note. Maybe with different actors it could've been better, but that's a stretch.

What is your opinion on this movie? Which adaptation of Death Note is your favorite?

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Doctor Who: BBC Quizzes

I'm offline this entire month so all my blog posts are scheduled and I realized going through everything I've gone through in the past that I have hardly written about my favorite cult/nerdy TV shows. Which is insanely surprising to me. So be prepared, I'm probably going to be writing about about that topic this month... or rather there will be a lot of these this month. Last week I shared which doctor is my doctor in Doctor Who. So I thought it would be a fun idea to do some doctor who quizzes.

Which Doctor Are You?

I got the tenth doctor which is no surprise to me. As I mentioned in my post last week, he's my doctor mainly because he is basically me in a nutshell in every way imaginable. "The good news is, people seem to really like you. You're kind and generous and warm company, and you're never short of the right thing to say in a difficult moment. However, you've been through some fairly tough times, and it can sometimes feel like all of this affection is just raining down and the bouncing back off your defences. You put on a brave face, but sometimes that feeling of isolation can be hard to bear. It's just as well you have some amazing friends to help you deal with it."

Which Companion Are You?

This one I'm honestly not sure which companion I think I would be. Now the quiz I took is limited to modern Doctor Who, which is the one I'm most familiar with. And apparently I am Rory. "The lovely thing about you is you don't feel the need to be in charge all the time. You're a very capable and loyal second-in-command to the important people in your life, preferring to save all the shouting and bluster until they're absolutely necessary. And when they are, what you have to say carries all the more force." Which seems about right by that definition from the quiz.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review

The Lost Legacy is the latest installment of the Uncharted action-adventure video game series. Unlike all the other games, you follow Chloe Frazer who is joined by Nadine Ross. These are both characters that come from previous games. Chloe coming from Uncharted 2 and Nadine in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. This game takes place after the events of the previous game, where like all Uncharted games you solve puzzles, shot enemies, tackle platforms, and find treasure.

Now before I get into the review of the game, I have not physically played this game myself as I do not own a playstation. I have played Uncharted 4: A Thief's End when I was dog sitting for a friend who happened to have the game. So all of my experience with this game comes from watching others play it on YouTube such as Deligracy and Jacksepticeye.

Also all images belong to Naughty Dog.

Okay disclaimer over, let's hop into the actual review. But be warned spoilers are ahead!

Uncharted the Lost Legacy
Uncharted the Lost Legacy

As mentioned before, you follow Chloe Frazer and her partner Nadine Ross in the mountains of India searching for the Tusk of Ganesh. Similar to the previous games, you are allowed to explore free-worldbut unlike the other games you can do it in any order. Plus there are additional treasures along the way if you take time out of the plot. These are marked on the map that you can reference at any point. And you'll spend time driving around the map to reach each point. Of course at all major areas, you will run into the main villain Asav's mercenaries which you can take out either by doing the long game of stealth or shooting them all down. The main points being towers or ruins marked by symbols of the Hindu gods: Ganesh's trident, Shiva's bow, and the axe of Parashurama. The axe being the same one that removed the tusk. All leading to the smaller capital of Halebidu where the last Hoysala emperor used as a decoy for the conquering Persian army.

Along the way you learn more about both Nadine and Chloe who's backstories were not fully fleshed out in the games they made appearances in. Those backstories being... Chloe, had a father that was obsessed with Hoysala history and hunted for the same artifact himself. Nadine, used to work for the main antagonist of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and took over Shoreline from her father. So she feels like she has a lot to make up for since she was backstabbed by her business partner who took the company away from her. And you get to see their friendship evolve slowly during the course of the game. And though they bicker and disagree, they ultimately end up trusting each other.

The other main item that you have for a large portion of the game that is needed for many of the puzzles is a disc that you stole at the beginning of the game from Asav. It originally depicts the image of Halebidu but transforms into Shiva during one of the puzzles in the capital. The disc is stolen back by Asav when you learn that the tusk is actually in the old capital of Belur. Also learning that Asav's expert is Sam Drake who had given Chloe the map in the first place. At Belur, you have to navigate through several puzzles before facing Asav once more. In the central chamber the disc reveals the tusk covered in jewels. You also learn more about the three Hindu gods. Ganesh allowed Parashurama to cut off the tusk as a way to prove the axe Shiva gave Parashurama wasn't useless.

Asav again causes Chloe, Nadine, and Sam to fall into a trap where they have to escape together. And once they escape learn that Asav is working with Shoreline, the mercenary company Nadine once ran. Asav exchanges the tusk for a massive bomb that will detonate the capital city and kickstart the revolution in India. Chloe convinces the others to help her stop the bomb. They manage to stop the bomb from destroying the capital and kill Asav. In the end, Chloe and Nadine decide to go into business together and give the tusk over to the Ministry of Culture much to Sam's displeasure.

Uncharted the Lost Legacy
Uncharted the Lost Legacy

I love solving puzzles and love when they are incorporated right into video games. And Naughty Dog does an amazing job at this. Some of the puzzles like lining up the symbol to look like one of the weapons are rather easy, whereas shadow puppets and death traps prove a bit more of a challenge. They also just put so much detail into the backgrounds and how things interact with one another. The water doesn't just stream down in a line, it flows around rocks like it were real. When Chloe walks through a clothesline, it doesn't just move in a solid block. Chloe puts her hand up to move it out of the way. Another example, if you put the light from a flashlight over the eyes of another character they will go to cover their eyes. One last example as I seriously loved it, there is a section where you pass by some fire. Normally when developers create this it's all just oranges and yellows, but not Naughty Dog. They actually added the blue at the bottom like real fire has. Or if you walk in water, only the part of the clothing that touches the water becomes wet. They may be just small details that are often missed, but they make the game feel so much more realistic. And I think I mentioned that in my Uncharted 4: A Thief's End review as well. And if I didn't, I should have because it's not something that just happened in this game. It was present in that one as well.

Uncharted the Lost Legacy
Uncharted the Lost Legacy

I love the pacing in this game and how the cut scenes blur seamlessly to the actual game play. At points making you forget you're in a video game or staring at the gorgeous scenery. When I played Uncharted 4: A Thief's End I sometimes found myself going "Oh. Right. Back to controlling the characters." And I have a feeling the same thing would happen if I was holding the controller playing these games instead of watching someone else play it. I loved this entry in the Uncharted series and has to be one of my favorites. Plus you honestly don't need to know anything about the previous games in order to enjoy this game. And I loved it for that. As I missed out on the first three games as I never had a gaming console other than my computer growing up, so there are a lot of games I end up going never mind to because you need to know the previous games before jumping into the latest installment.

Overall, I loved this game and hope they continue in this direction for future installments. Either with Chloe, Nadine, or Sam... or even another character we've met before now that Nathan Drake has retired for life on his little island. And considering this game was just going to basically be a DLC originally for Uncharted 4, I loved that they made a full game out of it. Sure it's shorter than the other installments but there is never a time that feels like you're wasting your time or things that could be cut out without effecting the overall game.

If you hadn't checked it out, I seriously suggest that you do as this game is amazing! Here is the launch trailer from PlayStation so you can get a taste yourself:

What is your favorite Uncharted game in the series? Do you want more like the Nathan Drake tales or smaller installments like this one? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Overwatch: Opening 50 Summer Games Loot Boxes

I love opening up Loot Boxes when I get them inside of Overwatch. I am currently level 9 so I haven't earned a lot of boxes yet but since I'm still a fairly new player, getting to the next level isn't too hard so I get them every few games at the moment. So currently Overwatch is doing their annual summer games, complete with custom skins, sprays. animations, voices, and more. This year they added an algorithm that's supposed to make it so you don't get duplicates in your boxes. I don't have any of summer game items from last year as I didn't have Overwatch, and don't really have any from this year either. So I'm really excited to open these 50 boxes. I did purchase these myself. I took the recommendation of Suzy from KittyKatGaming that 100 boxes would be too much and then you are bound to get duplicates as the algorithm breaks at that point. So to avoid it I only got 50 boxes... and cause I don't have that much money nor wanted to spend that much money on loot boxes.

I didn't get all of the summer items opening up the 50 boxes so if you're newer to the game you totally could get more. But just as a note 50 boxes is about $40. So that can get expensive. I did end up getting another 50 boxes after this video and the mass majority of everything. The only thing that I didn't get that I really wanted was Widowmaker's summer outfit. But there's still time in the event to win more boxes. Which item would you love from all the items in Overwatch? I seriously am in love with Mercy's skin from this event as it's a Greek/Roman Goddess. I love it!

I also got a lot of other uncommon/rare things that I really wanted including some awesome regular skins that I wanted. Especially the ancient skin for Bastion and posh skin for Tracer. So overall super happy about it and I didn't get a single duplicate. Which was awesome!

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Doctor Who: Who is My Doctor?

I started watching Doctor Who in my computer room with my dad when he had it playing on the TV. The very first Doctor Who episode I watched was Silence in the Library with the tenth doctor, Donna Noble, and River Song. So ever since then the tenth doctor has been my doctor. Afterwards, I got obsessed with the store and started watching modern Doctor Who from the beginning and went back to the classics on what was available at the time on Netflix. But no matter what Doctor I watched before or after, the tenth doctor will always be my doctor.

I think the reason that this will always be my doctor is not just because he's the first doctor that I ever watched, but because he is me in a way. I'm sarcastic as hell, sometimes wear fake glasses and if I wear real ones they look just like his, and I always wear Converse. Plus I loved his companions a lot. Granted I really loved the Pond family and Clara Oswald from 11th era of Doctor Who. But there will always be a special place in my heart for Rose Tyler and Donna Noble. I did like Martha but she was so overshadowed by the departure of Rose that I feel bad for her, as she didn't get the same love in the series as Rose or Donna.

Plus I loved the writing of Russel T Davies as they were easy to follow and you didn't have to dive through a million hoops to figure out what the hell was going on. That's probably another reason the 11th doctor though he has like a lot of good episodes and companions, will not be my doctor as Steven Moffat basically made you keep track of every little detail that's easy to miss just to understand sometimes what's happening. It was a headache at times. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it but I prefer RTD over Moffat. Granted Moffat did write one of my favorite episodes from Tennant's years "Blink." Even though Ten only appeared very briefly throughout the episode, it was my favorite. And that's another thing about the ten era there were more on the effect of the doctor without needing the doctor to be around for an episode to be interesting. And you didn't see that in future seasons. Or if they did, I honestly can't think of them as much as the ones from Ten.

Which doctor in Doctor Who is your doctor?

BOOTY: Lootgaming July 2017 Unboxing

This month's Lootgaming box is themed after Booty. Every crate has around 4-6 items inside of it and around valued at $60, but for only $26.95 USD / month. And features some of my favorite games, and one of my favorite themes. I used to be a pirate for almost every year growing up. So I'm really excited that it was this month's theme.

Hoist the flag! No matter where our adventures take us, from the high seas to dark jungles to realms that exist only in myth and legend, in the end it’s all about one thing: the BOOTY. We’re celebrating the greatest treasure hunts in gaming with exclusive items from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Sea of Thieves, and Crash Bandicoot!
— Loot Gaming by Lootcrate

Crash Bandicoot T-Shirt

This is one of Naughty Dog's most popular game. As for booty in this game, every 100 wumpa fruits gets you an extra life. This game was brought back briefly in Uncharted 4 and he got a makeover with the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. So the t-shirt is inspired by post cards and is a lovely shade of navy blue with yellow screen printing.

Sea of Thieves Towel

This game is all about immersing yourself in the world of pirates. So as it's based on pirates life on seas, you might want a towel to bring alone. Also it doubles as a pirate flag. This game is open, multiplayer world where you join a crew, sail a ship, find treasure and engage in other pirate-y activities. This game as yet to be released but it sounds amazing.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Edward Kenway Figure

Edward Kenway is the captain at the center of the Black Flag. He's on more than just a simple quest for gold and glory. Edward doesn't bend his knee for anyone and will take back what is his with blood and steel. Apparently he is the first Loot Crate Screen Shots figure to feature any character outside of the Halo universe. To ensure historical accuracy in Black Flag the developers referenced A General History of the Pyrates (1794) and The Republic of Pirates (2008).

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Wallet

The final chapter in the Nathan Drake story that was released last year by Naughty Boy. This wallet was designed to hold gold and treasure. It is created with a faux-leather and includes a coin replica that is used in Drake's Fortune just in time to celebrate the release of the next game in the series. Inside the wallet it says: "I am a Man of Fortune, and I must seek my Fortune." Which is a phrase you hear mentioned throughout the course of the game.

Booty Pin

The pin included for this month is a Spanish doubloon which is not the same as a "piece of eight." As that's the Spanish dollar coin. The doubloon was made of 22-karat gold... however this pin is not made of gold. It just looks like a doubloon.

What's your favorite pirate themed video game?

Overwatch: My Favorite Heroes to Play As

I have really gotten into playing Overwatch since I got it a few weeks ago. And have more or less figured out my favorite characters/heroes to play as. And one I just love in general from her looks but I am the worst at playing her. That being Widowmaker. I find her character so interesting but I am a terrible sniper. But that doesn't mean I don't want to get better at playing as her. So besides her, these are the main characters/heroes I find myself playing as.

  • Lucio: The hero I end up playing as the most. I like that he's pretty good at both healing the team and boosting others.
  • Orisa: Playing this hero is great when you're capturing points as you can hold up in a corner with a shield shooting everything and getting the objective time for the team.
  • Tracer: If I ever play offensive, I'm playing as either Genji, Sombra or Tracer. Tracer in particular since you can jump back and forth in "time" and get better advantage in battle.
  • Mercy: If there is a Pharah playing then I'll switch from Lucio to Mercy as then you can basically fly around healing people.
  • Genji: Probably my favorite offensive hero in Overwatch. I love his attacks the most out of all the heroes.
  • Bastion: I love playing as this character for the rounds where you are moving the payload as you can just get onto the payload then turn into the stationary machine gun and shoot like there's no tomorrow.
  • Sombra: I have a special place in my heart for the hacker that doesn't play by any rules but her own. Plus she's pretty awesome to play as in battle. If I'm on the defensive side of a round, she is one of the offensive characters I would switch to so we can stop the other team from reaching their objective.

Who are some of your favorite Heroes in Overwatch?

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: New Gaming Series & Update

I'm playing Skyrim on the gaming channel now. I have never personally finished this game and wanted to try my hardest to achieve that. I'm also throwing away the current gaming upload schedule I had as it made for playing different or new games impossible. It's still going to be similar with videos every weekday but I might up the upload to 2 a day. That part isn't set in stone yet. I more just want to have a bit of fun with it. So expect to see more variety. Dragon Age: Inquisition will be returning soon. I discovered a bug in my editing software that I missed many times and thought all my audio was lost. So after fixing that, expect more videos soon as that actually is what prevented a lot of them to be uploaded.

Overwatch: Summer Games 2017

Overwatch is currently doing an event for the summer and some of the heroes got new skins while others got phrases, highlight reels, sprays and more. There was also a new map that was added into the mix. And I'm excited about this since I missed out last year as I didn't have the game, but I seriously have added this game to the list of "Games I'm Addicted to." If you missed last years event, like myself you can purchase the limited edition items.

The Summer Games return for more fun in the sun! This year, we’re celebrating the spirit of competition with a new Lúcioball arena, leaderboards, and competitive play. Unlock over 50 new seasonal items—including legendary skins like Mercy’s Winged Victory, Grillmaster: 76, and Lifeguard McCree—alongside all your favorite summer gear from last year.
— Overwatch

New 2017 Summer Games cosmetic items:

  • Legendary Skins: 3,000 credits
  • Epic Skins: 750 credits
  • Rare tier: 225 credits
  • Common tier: 75 credits

2016 Summer Games cosmetics

  • Legendary Skins: 1,000 credits
  • Epic Skins: 250 credits
  • Rare tier: 75 credits
  • Common tier: 25 credits

Along with the event, Blizzard announced a couple of fixes for PC specific to Reinhardt and Sombra:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Reinhardt’s Charge to push characters through walls
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Sombra to reach unintended locations on Anubis

The Overwatch Summer Games 2017 will run through August 29.

I seriously love the new skin for Mercy and Widowmaker, granted I rarely play as them. I'm going to be sharing that list next week, so keep an eye out for that. Who's new look do you love the most?

Overwatch: Learning Support at the Training Range

The final class of Overwatch, it's finally time to show the class I probably play the most at the current moment. Since generally as I play, no one I ever team up with wants to be the healer so I just end up doing it. Though I would prefer to be either Orisa the tank or one of the offensive characters.

What is Support?

Like the name would suggest, you are there mainly to support the other players on your team. By healing, buffing, or providing utility in some capacity. Overall they boost the performance of their team by increasing survival, speed, and damage output. But they are the worst duelists and die really easily.

Who are the Heroes?

As depicted above: Ana, Lúcio, Mercy, Symmetra, and Zenyatta. The easiest to play as being Ana. Followed by Lúcio and Symmetra being the medium difficulty. And lastly Zenyatta and Ana being the most challenging. Personally if I have to play as a support hero, I'm going with Lúcio. As I can do a fair amount of damage but also I love that everything he does has music involved. So if you come across a Lúcio named Habiku, it's me probably failing but trying my hardest to stay alive and keep my team alive.

If you play Overwatch, who do you play as? Also I would love tips!