Rose & Mae is a blog that explores various nerdy topics from comic books and video games, to cult television shows and movies.

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Mae and Rose

Mae and Rose

About In House Authors


Mae has been playing video games since she was four years old so she has a lot of thoughts and theories on various video games. Be prepared to dive into the realm of gaming with Mae as she will get really into them. She also runs a lifestyle and beauty blog under the same namesake. On our joint YouTube channel, which was her previous gaming channel she will be uploading gameplay, theories, and general video game related content. So make sure to subscribe to see all that amazing content!

Mae's Favorite Video Games: Dragon Age, The Sims, Minecraft, Super Mario, and Undertale


Rose grew up reading books (comics, fiction, nonfiction, etc) and falling in love with various heroes and villains, and watching sci-fi with her family. Her posts will be about comics books, books, and shows. 

Rose's Favorite Comic Book Characters: Harley Quinn or Wonder Woman or Black Widow.
Favorite Book: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and Though The Looking Glass and What Alice Found There
Favorite Shows Growing Up: So Weird, Charmed, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer